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Paul Wenzel (singer/songwriter, guitar, bass, keys)


Jason Reddish (drums)

They have been making music together for more than 20 years, sharing a special bond that always leads to magic.

In 2006, Paul and Jay were recording what promised to be their breakout album, "sleep all day" by Paul Wenzel, when a series of tragic deaths sidetracked the project, forcing Paul to take a long break from writing and performing. 

After the hiatus, Paul and Jay officially formed WIREHOUND in 2014, recording a short EP, "it takes a long time". Unfortunately, tragedy struck again and, months later, Paul was severely disabled in an accident. He would develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), the worst pain condition known to humanity. 

The condition progressed and Paul grew unable to stand, then unable to walk, until it became too painful to even hold a guitar. As badly as they wanted to share their music with the world, it looked like it would never happen.

Then, miraculously, a doctor - an expert in CRPS - moved to Paul's town. After months of visits and tests, Paul not only got major surgery, he got his life back. A year of physical therapy later, he was ready.

So when Jay called Paul in January of 2022, they knew it was finally time. Time to make something special that will last forever, forged by hardship and pain and loss, strengthened by love and dedication.

Their long-awaited debut album, "the anatomy of a thought undone", is due out at the beginning of Spring 2023. 

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